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The Twin Cities Railroad Museum was originally founded in 1994 but was brought into existence in May, 2008 when it opened in its current Counce Drive, South Fulton location. The museum is designed to educate through displays and demonstrations, the role and effect of the railroads in the life of the people and businesses of the Fulton and South Fulton communities and related regional area.

The Museum is a labor of love of senior railroad professionals. Visitors of the museum can enjoy engaging conversations with actual railroad experts who have many stories of the exciting world of trains and the local community with such local experienced people such as Mr. James Cruce – a long time train conductor with over 45 years devotion to the railroad and Mr. Jones Gamblin an engineer with over 40 years experience.


The Museum is open every Friday and Saturday (except Holidays) from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. The Museum is also open by appointment on request – especially for schools and organizations. For appointments please email


The Museum is located in the Municipal building located at 700 Milton Counce Drive in South Fulton which is located at the cross street of Counce Drive. It is right next to the Chamber of Commerce office and the local Fire Department and Police Station.

Admission Fees

The Museum is free of charge to everyone but donations are accepted and greatly appreciated. A suggested contribution is $1.00/adult with all children free.

Twin Cities Railroad Museum

700 Milton Counce Drive

South Fulton, Tennessee


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